Bookkeeping and Taxation Services

Mondo Conta is now member of the International Professional Association INPACT.

We are an accounting, audit, payroll and other financial services providers, having an experience of more than 20 years.

Our services can consist off:

VAT Registration in Romania of non-resident companies:
  • Obtaining the Romanian VAT code
  • Depositing the VAT statements and preparing the VAT payments
Accounting services included in the basic fee:
  • General bookkeeping of your entity, including tax management;
  • Payment through internet banking, for your company, relating Romanian taxes;
  • Submitting the monthly/quarterly tax statements to the authorities
  • Keeping all ledgers updated according to the Romanian Accounting Law in force
  • Performing the year-end bookkeeping procedures (patrimonial inventory, provisions, calculation of the profit tax and dividends)
  • Drawing the year-end financial statements: balance sheet, profit and loss account
  • Request of VAT to be recovered and VAT control assistance.

Financial Reporting - for Group Companies, according to IFRS or GAAP.

The advantages of working with Mondo Conta Consult team:

  • Reliability, promptness and professionalism;
  • We take the responsibility for what we book;
  • Correct and complete accounting, relying on an accounting SW used also by some of the Big Four: Deloitte, KPMG and other large companies in the field.
  • Permanent legislative assistance, being aware of all the legislative changes of the moment;
  • The documents are taken free of charge from clients;
  • Free training delivered to the administrative representative of the company in order to fill in certain documents for Romanian accounting and tax compliance;
  • Free training delivered to company employees for proper preparation of their travel reports in order to insure the tax deductibility of travel expenses;
  • We inform monthly the client on the financial situation of the company;
  • We request all documents missing, to properly build the puzzle that is the accounting of the company;

Our customers are:

1. Major international companies active in:

  • medical research field;
  • software development/sale;
  • medical products sales;
  • production;
  • tourism field (Travel agencies);
  • real estate investments;
  • architecture and design;
  • rental services;
  • media and advertising;
  • wind energy etc 

2. Representative offices;

3. Branch of foreign companies;

4. Associations and Foundations.