Legal services

Mondo Conta is now member of the International Professional Association INPACT.

We are an accounting, audit, payroll and other financial services providers, having an experience of more than 20 years.

Mondo Conta Consult can help you solving following legal issues:

  • Setting up of any juridical entity (Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company, Representation Office of your company, Branch of your company), without even being necessary for you to come in Romania;
  • Obtaining the functioning authorisations (if necessary);
  • Assistance to registry any modification of the juridical statute you may need to perform (including new shareholders, changing of directors, modification of object of activity, moving of head office, etc)

Our customers are:

1. Major international companies active in:

  • medical research field;
  • software development/sale;
  • medical products sales;
  • production;
  • tourism field (Travel agencies);
  • real estate investments;
  • architecture and design;
  • rental services;
  • media and advertising;
  • wind energy etc 

2. Representative offices;

3. Branch of foreign companies;

4. Associations and Foundations.