Payroll Services

Mondo Conta is now member of the International Professional Association INPACT -

Save time and money by outsourcing payroll and personnel administration services!

Our experience of over 20 years will help you avoid any problem related to payroll.

Payroll outsourcing:

Payroll outsourcing is a process that is based on trust and confidentiality. Our customers are loyal partners and have started with us and continued, some of them are already with us for 20 years.

• Calculation of wages and related social contributions;
• Preparing and submitting to ITM the REVISAL;
• Preparing and submitting of the 112 declaration regarding social contributions in due time;
• Preparing and submitting of the 100 declaration for on the merits of disabled persons, in legal term (companies with over 50 employees);


Outsourcing personnel administration:

Payroll outsourcing is just a small part of the entire payroll process. A part just as important or even more important for the company, is to advise in accordance with the law in drafting contracts and other documents related to employees, so that your company does not have legal issues related to labor relations.

• Support the employment and unemployment. Drawing the labor contracts in accordance with the Labor Code in force;
• Preparation of additional acts and decisions on labor contracts;
• Preparation of personnel files;
• Drawing internal Rules and Procedure (ROI);


Reports wage costs centers:

In order to consolidate the group expenses and implement a strategy of investment in human capital, most companies require, and we are glad to offer, reports related the wage on various dimensions: functions, departments, cost centers, salary level and any other type of reporting having the main source of data, the company's payroll.

We are an accounting, audit, payroll and other financial services providers, having an experience of more than 20 years.

Our customers are: 

1. Major international companies active in:

  • medical research field;
  • software development/sale;
  • medical products sales;
  • production;
  • tourism field (Travel agencies);
  • real estate investments;
  • architecture and design;
  • rental services;
  • media and advertising;
  • wind energy etc 

2. Representative offices;

3. Branch of foreign companies;

4. Associations and Foundations.

The advantages of working with Mondo Conta Consult team:

  • Meet client requirements;
  • Permanent assistance through e-mail and telephone;
  • Permanent update with fiscal and labour law changes;
  • The calculation of wages correctly and completely, relying on a payroll SW used also by other large companies in the field.